GolfFit Physiotherapy WA was established to provide a golf specific physiotherapy service to Mt Lawley, Perth and Western Australian golfers of all levels:

  • Professional
  • Elite amateur
  • Club golfer
  • Senior
  • Junior

Martin McInnes is the physiotherapy service provider to the W.A. Golf High Performance program, which is made up of the state senior and junior, male and female, and junior development teams. He also works with international and national touring professionals and members of the Golf Australia national squad. Martin provides these golfers with golf specific physical screenings and exercise programs as well as general injury management.

Golf Specific Physical Screenings & Exercise Programs

This involves assessing your body in relation to joint mobility, muscle strength and length, and general motor patterns and control. This is then related to the requirements of the golf swing. From this a golf specific exercise program is provided, inclusive of home-based gym, exercise rehabilitation utilising pilates and hydrotherapy components as required. This will lead you to a better and more consistent golf swing as well as helping in the prevention of injuries.

Injury Management

Nearly any physical injury will have a disastrous effect on your golf swing and resultant game. With this in mind it is essential that your injury is treated and managed correctly so that you can return confidently to the golf course… and stay there!

Martin also provides assessment and treatment for any level of golfer, not just elite players.

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